2009-12-24 Discloseable Transaction 下载
2009-12-23 Suspension Of Trading 下载
2009-12-17 Announcement pursuant to Rule 13.18 of the Listing Rules 下载
2009-12-11 Joint Announcement 下载
2009-12-11 Suspension Of Trading 下载
2009-11-25 Joint Announcement 下载
2009-11-06 Holding Announcement And Announcement Pursuant To rule 3.7 Of The Takeovers Code 下载
2009-11-06 Announcement 下载
2009-10-27 Suspension Of Trading 下载
2009-10-19 Continuing Connected Transactions 下载
2009-10-19 Poll Result Of The Special General Meeting Held On 19 October 2009 下载
2009-10-02 Proxy Form 下载
2009-10-02 Notice Of The Special General Meeting 下载
2009-09-29 Delay In Despatch Of Circular 下载
2009-09-14 Closure Of Register Of Members 下载