2011-12-28 Proposed Establishment of a joint venture in Ningbo, the PRC 下载
2011-12-21 Decision as to the non-exercise of the right to waive certain conditions in relation to the H Share Offer 下载
2011-11-23 Despatch of Composite Document 下载
2011-11-09 Discloseable transaction involving acquisition of future interest in a joint venture 下载
2011-11-07 Announcement in relation to the discloseable transaction for establishment of a joint venture 下载
2011-11-02 Proposed establishment of the joint venture company and resumption of trading 下载
2011-11-02 Suspension of Trading 下载
2011-10-19 Joint Announcement 下载
2011-10-11 Suspension of Trading 下载
2011-08-31 Poll Results of the Special General Meeting held on 31 August 2011 下载
2011-08-25 Interim Dividend for the six months ended 30th June, 2011 and Closure of Register of Members 下载
2011-08-23 Interim Results for the six months ended 30th June, 2011 下载
2011-08-12 Clarification Announcement 下载
2011-08-11 Proxy Form 下载
2011-08-11 Notice of the Special General Meeting 下载