November Official approval to form the joint venture with Tianjin Gas
The Ministry of Commerce of the PRC has approved the establishment of the Joint Venture Company of CR Gas and Tianjin Gas. The Joint Venture Company’s total investment and registered capital are, respectively, RMB6 billion and RMB5 billion. China Resources Gas will contribute in cash 49% of the registered capital for a 49% stake in the Joint Venture Company.
Placing of Existing Shares and Subscription for New Shares
Placement of 160 million new shares at HK$16.95 per share, raising about HK$2.7 billion to fund further expansion.
August Announced 2012 Interim Results
Reported a turnover of HK$7,851 million for the six months ended 30 June 2012, representing 42 per cent increase from that of the previous corresponding period. Profit attributable to equity holders increased by 36 per cent from that of the corresponding period to 752 million.
Acquisition of 16 projects from CRH
Acquired the fifth batch of 16 city gas projects from CRH for a cash consideration of HK$2,415 million.
May Acquisition of AEI China Gas Limited
Acquired 100% of AEI China Gas Limited, the consideration was USD238 million or approximately RMB1, 500 million. AEI China Gas is principally engaged in the city gas distribution operation at 28 cities, 4 mid-stream pipelines and 8 gas stations in 11 provinces in the PRC. 
April Bond Issuance to raise US$750 Million
US$750 million was raised by issuing a 10 year medium term senior note.
March Included as a Constituent Stock of FTSE China and Hong Kong Index
Included as a constituent stock of FTSE China and Hong Kong Index. The inclusion will enhance the visibility of the Company among the global investment community.
Announced 2011 Annual Results
Reported a profit attributable to equity holders of HK$1,200 million for the year ended 31 December 2011. Basic earnings per share amounted to 66 HK cents per share. Turnover was HK$13,507 million, representing 62% increase from HK$8,327 million in 2010.
February Privatisation and withdrawal of listing of H shares of a subsidiary, Zhengzhou Gas
The privatisation and delisting proposals were approved by independent shareholders of Zhengzhou Gas in January 2012. Total acceptances representing 39.21% of Zhengzhou Gas share capital were received upon the subsequent closure of the offer in February 2012 enabling the accumulative shareholding of the Company in Zhengzhou Gas to become 96.08%.