Acquisition of Zhengzhou Gas Company Limited

Acquired approximately 56.87% of the total issued share capital of Zhengzhou Gas Company Limited after the close of the General Offer. Zhengzhou Gas Company Limited became a subsidiary of CR Gas.


Share Placement to raise HK$2.5 billion

Some HK$2.5 billion was raised by placing 230 million shares at HK$10.75 per share.

Acquisition of 9 projects from CRH

Acquired 9 city gas distribution businesses from CRH. The consideration of HK$2 billion was satisfied by issuing some 186 million new shares. The transaction was subsequently approved by minority shareholders in October 2010.



Announced 2010 Interim Results

Reported a turnover of HK$2,747 million for the six months ended 30 June 2010, representing 86 per cent increase from that of the previous corresponding period. The upsurge was mainly attributable to increase in gas sales volume and connection fee income. Profit attributable to equity holders increased by 75 per cent from that of the corresponding period to HK$305 million.


Entered into a co-operation agreement with Tianjin Gas Group Co. Ltd.

Proposed to establish a sino-foreign equity joint venture enterprise principally for the supply and provision of piped natural gas in Tianjin. CR Gas expects to hold a 49% interest in the proposed JV with an estimated investment of between RMB2 billion and RMB2.5 billion. The transaction is expected to be completed by end 2010/ early 2011.

Strategic collaboration agreement between CNPC and CR Holdings

Both parties agreed to collaborate in areas such as natural gas supplies and distributions, gas project constructions and investments.


Establishment of a joint venture company in Jiangning District, Nanjing City

Entered a joint venture arrangement with Nanjing City Jiangning District Gas (Group) Company Limited, invested RMB600 million for 49% interests.

Announced 2009 Annual Results

Reported a profit attributable to equity holders of HK$422 million for the year ended 31 December 2009. Basic earnings per share amounted to 30 HK cents per share. Turnover was HK$3,747 million, representing 75% increase from HK$2,145 million in 2008.